My name is Magdalena, I'm a cognitive science student, living in Poznań, Poland.
I got into nail art in 2012 and have been doing it every time I painted my nails ever since, it's become a form of relaxation for me.

Zooey Deschanel once said "I don't like plain nails, I get sad." and I understand her completely - I don't like plain nails either, and all my loved ones know that. If I don't have anything "special" on my nails, they even ask me if I'm okay or if something wrong happened!

And although I love painting my nails, I can't do make up. Plus, I don't really like it on me, so I guess it's a nice explanation to why I haven't lernt it yet. Yes, I'm definitely hair and nails, not make up kind of girl!

I prefer speaking English rather than Polish, it feels more natural, even though it's not my mother tongue.

10 nail facts about me:

1. I started painting my nails regularly about 5 or 6 years ago.
2. I got to know that such thing as nail art even exists from Pinterest.
3. I always always always! paint the same pattern on both of my hands.
4. I've never ever bitten my nails. I do tend to bite my cuticles sometimes though... 
5. Although I like stamping, I think it's taking the easy way out and I don't stamp very often.
6. The real breaking point for my nail art was discovering that the girls whose nail art works I admired so much use not only nail polishes, but also acrylic paints. It opened a whole new world for me!
7. I probably would never start blogging if it wasn't for my boyfriend who convinced me to do it - and now I'm glad he did.
8. I don't really like holo/glitter/flakie polishes, I have maybe 2 of them.
9.  I don't do nail art on my toenails.
10. My nails are always painted when I leave home, I feel kind of naked when they're not.

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